92 RCB-10-5           1. pantaloni scurti de blugi pentru barbati
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92 RCB-10-5           1. pantaloni scurti de blugi pentru barbati

According to the report by the Board of Investments released in 2009, the garments and textile industry remains to be one of the top foreign exchange earners in the Philippines, garnering a total of US$848.

Skirt with attached undershorts that offers the look of a skirt with the modesty and comfort of shorts.

Since 1987 when Vivienne Westwood added corsets into her collection, other fashion designers have followed suit, and corsets are now a well used type of clothing used in dresses and as separate pieces!

This bra is made of fabric that will not irritate feeding breasts, give enough support to larger than normal breasts, and will have nursing clips which give quick access for nursing, and flaps that drop down for easy breast-feeding.

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However, dress codes primarily seem to be aimed at restricting the type of clothing female students wear.

The breadth and depth of social and environmental abuses in fast fashion warrants its classification as an issue of global environmental justice.

Will Poulter is becoming buffer by the day as he gets ready to suit up for James Gunn's Guardians of the Galaxy.

Its sneakers are made of moisture-wicking, odor-reducing fabric that can be worn sockless and thrown in the wash when necessary.

In the images, the dummies were referred to multiple times as manikins.

We hope for a world where ethical is the norm for fashion business — both big and small.

Matthew Brennan, a Beijing-based writer and analyst of Chinese technology, likened its pace to real-time retail.

it's a mechanism to reclaim dignity that's been taken away from them, he said.

13 Utilizing this criterion may prove difficult because of the emphasis on HHV-6 , and tests like the measurement of IgG titer anti-HHV-6 are not yet commonly available.

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